Our apps

We offer a number of technologies to make the sexy life easier.  Including:

Where am I?  This is our safety and security app.  Going on a date, a photoshoot, or just a trip to the store? Tell the app where you’re going and when you expect to be back.  If you don’t check in and remove the alert within one hour of your scheduled return time, the system contacts your 5 closest (selected by you) friends to see if they’ve seen you.  In 2 hours after that, if not disabled, the system notifies the police with your last known location.

Meet Up QR  the beauty of NOT using your real name on MIS is that when people meet you through MIS and it doesn’t work out, you can delete them from your life and they never know how to find you.  Meet someone in a bar, use this app to “trade numbers” and you can chat, text, set up a date, share pics, whatever….and if the time comes that it’s over (or you wake up and realize she’s a creep), you can just delete the connection and move on!

Even better, it takes just a second to connect with someone.  One of you scans the other’s MIS app QR code (using the “@ all-for-one” multipurpose app we developed) and the other party accepts, and BOOM!  You’re living the dream!

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